There is no right or wrong way to use your Himalayan Relaxation Mat.  Use it however it feels best to you.


We just want to share some tips we have gotten from other users.


Most people like to have the mat in direct contact with them to help with aches and pains.  If you are putting it directly on your skin and it gets too warm, just put a cover over it.  We have covers for sale on the website or you can use a towel or pillow case, anything that creates a bit of a barrier between you and the mat.


If you are using it to sleep and you find yourself becoming agitated instead of relaxed, again just create an appropriate barrier between you and the mat.  Some people put it up at the head of the bed either under their pillow or under the mattress pad, or the mattress topper and we have even had people who have put it on the floor under their bed for optimal effect.  Some people tuck it down at the foot of the bed.  Some people are more sensitive to the energy so do what makes it feel best for you.


Same thing goes for a pet.  Some animals like to lie directly on the mat and some need more of a barrier.


Some people have said that their mat gets cool, not warm so just know that your mat will interact with your energy and provide what you need, whether it is heat or cool, relaxation or an energy boost!


WARNING:  Be careful when allowing your mat to come into contact

with a heat source such as a heating pad as the plastic can become

hot and my burn you.  DO NOT put the mat in the microwave as the

plastic will melt!



Machelle and Karen,

M&K Healing Salts, LLC